Premonitions sadistic murder visions
My future is written in your blood
Excruciating intoxicating
Pain and pleasure mix as death unfolds
I tear your soul apart
Revel in your death
Release you from agony
Exhale your last breath
Watch the gleaming blade as I raise it above my head
And stab it in your racing heart
Let death remove the pain your misery and dismay
The failures and downfalls in your life
Fall down on your knees so we can proceed
With our hate ritual
Your torment will end as your life fades away
And travel to the darkside
The lust for your demise
Implanted in my mind
I cannot rest
Until you are dead
No human emotions
Regret or guilt
Prepare to die
I'm fucking possessed
[Lead: Sahlgren]
Slice you up and remove the organs
Shit and vomit 'til you are full
A bloated corpse filled with vile contents
Pound on you 'til you burst
Trophy collector headhunter mentality
Figures crafted in your flesh
Twisted romance I really love you
Not for what you are but what you shall become
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Mutual Animosity Lyrics

Dismember – Mutual Animosity Lyrics