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Faecalized Lyrics

Disgorge – Faecalized Lyrics

Gariliac tegumentized crisp
Tracto stirilized ulcerous deranged
Fangoric sores spitting chom pelvia
Facial formaldehyde anal furuncles

Maceration of sebaceous colony
Ascitic cobbler rectro versed congest

Grin salivate in fetid copro
Excrecensied faeces urix slurp
Sodomize in gargling maturates fats
In totally rancid poric emmancipt

On belch y feed
Munched enema
Boiling sphincter gore
Globulashed vitriates
Anocervic pleura
Matted effluvia fungus slop in trachea

Pyatrhocisis smeared on decrepit gnaw
Naval castrate vilely eructs on larvs
Pasteurizing to jelly

Festering chaff
In a vulgar stangling slab
Left overed reeking extract of crap

Carboxhaemaglobunized crabia cord
Faeces eritema born the turfs blobs
Pusclot deranging snorting humous
Pharange on fetida reeking spew

Phorlorn desecrate on gry macerate
Necro excoriate mois mess in acria
Foetor griskin engendred dispoil
Oclused and reoded crap
Hacking neo scabs on cervico phallum
Pyophagranusome grows in sadism
Forensic salt fullfied necronycism

Piss in phallic
Tissue colony
Jism exposed
To the emerged stab
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