Carving upon the slab of unholiness
Rotting and congealed this thick crimson phlegm
A disgusting body, festering intestines gushing from this broken form

Infested with vermin, barely recognizable
The maggots writhe and spew forth from
Deep incisions

Limbs hacked, broken, adjacent to the body
Stomach contents spill into a wretched heap
Like worms they coil and embrace the dead host
Entrails from a hideous torso puncture

A gaping hole left to slowly mould and rot
Decaying from the core of ones inside
Leaving the body, the human vessel
Gutted internally

Inhuman disembowelment, the torso oozing
Fluid seeps from within the torn gut

Forming a vile mucas
Jagged chunks of flesh litter the floor
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Gutted Lyrics

Disentomb – Gutted Lyrics