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riding in my Cadillac What
to my surprise [Verse..

shawty I'm the pimp so, you know my game cold Brush
all my teeth cause my whole grill gold Step
out my house pink, gators on my toes Tryna
hit tha club before they all close Hop
in the Lac Fleetwood, eight four Twenty
inch G's with tha triple gold spokes Creep
in the door with my pockets on swole Limp
across tha flo like both of my legs broke Slide
to tha bar to get me somn cold Got
a glass of Thunderbird cause I can't stay in mode Put
down my glass and hit tha dance flo Don't
get mad at me boy what you cuffin my hands for If
I want it I'ma get it ya know how my game go I'm
? pullin ya main woe I'm
chargin for this game I'm, givin you lames yos Gotta
line these girls up in a soul train row I
hit tha V I. P. Just. to get my mind blown Do
I see Mista G he got that fire dro All
tha hataz in tha club what ya rollin ya eyes for Cause
ya mad I'm pushin good and pimped out tha side door (Chorus

2X) While
riding in my Cadillac What
to my surprise [Verse..

2 ]:Now
when I hop off in tha Lac I, swerve tha interstate Just
because I'm cheifin dro and I'm smugglin heavy weigh Keep
tha hood bout my G's and break um off a K And
sip on Hennessy till I start to hallucinate Pull
my way down tha block cause it's mo money to make And
plus I got some mo cookie dough I need to bake But
you can buy a bag of mine and I betcha you gon' be straight Cause
tha soft ain't got no cut and tha wood ain't got no shape Cause
tha fiends run to me whenever they wanna taste Cause
they say that mine taste like baked potato and steak Well
excuse me if I done took all yo pay Cause
I just set up shop and been workin for one day You
say you wanna rob me well, hell that's a mistake Cause
I got atomic bombs that cause tha Earth to quake It'll
open all tha gates and cause heaven to shake It
not God man it's me cause, I destroyed tha place All
because of this devious busta who tried to hate When
all he had to do was ask instead, he tried to take So
to stop all of that and keep my soul safe I
just hop in my Lac and head tha other way (Chorus

2X) While
riding in my Cadillac What
to my surprise [Verse..

3 ]:It's
about 2 45: and we at tha red light Looked
in my mirror and, saw some head lights Now
any other time it would be aight But
tha group done checked around when ya on tha westside Put
my foot to tha flo doin, bout eighty five Hit
Fairview headed, to Riverside They
behind us kinda close so, hell I bust a ride Ran
on tha curb and scrubbed my damn tire Man
can't you mash tha gas and dash up outta sight What
ya talkin bout I'm, doin a bill five I
could pick up mo speed on a ten speed bike Oh
you tryna joke better, hope we don't die Since
we ain't packin gats it seems we gotta fight When
I throw a left you, best to throw a right Pull
up in tha cut so they can pass us by Get
down in yo seat and get off tha brake light They
pulled up in tha back and blocked us from behind He
was laughin so hard it sounded like a crime He
said listen heyah Dirty why, you tryna hide I
was just tryna tell ya Cadillac is tight (Chorus

2X) While
riding in my Cadillac What
to my surprise
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My Cadillac Lyrics

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