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High In Hell Lyrics

Dirty Curt – High In Hell Lyrics

You know my name, just a player in the wrong game
Look what I became, fucked up it's all the same
I aint scared of life or death, take my last breath
What's next is the unknown, as I get blown from my kings thrown
This wicked end cause my brain to bend,
Now my life depends on the beat as I descend
To this hell for sinners, the winners with their stacks is cool,
These shadow figures break rules, now you know I'm not comin back to you

Chorus: high in hell, high in hell, high in hell

So hold ship while I trip off the acid,
I'm passin blunts in hell, my brain swells to the placid
Lifestyles of the disturbed and nerved,
No stress is best, got an S on my chest is what u heard
The rest is just a mess a jumbled jungle of words occured
Preach through my teeth but you know my speech is slurred
From teamin with the demons, see my visions a blur for sure

Chorus: high in hell, high in hell, high in hell

At the pearly gates is where I met ya jesus,
He said he couldnt teach us, couldnt catch my thesis
He's isn't finished, offered a joint he wasn't with it
Now I get it, heavens for the dull, in hell they're lifted
With many spliffs and a bottle of scotch
I'm not ya legal type of fella now I'm takin straight shots
With the bad guys, with peg legs and glass eyes,
Cheap kegs and a disguise, no need for sunrise

Chorus: high in hell, high in hell, high in hell

Dirty curt is just a villain cause he smokes,
You're just jealous how to tokes, pullin tubes and holdin chokes
It's no joke, the green is good for real like loose steel,
Jumpin over flames, packin bowls as my skin peels

You coulda found me in the state baked at meridian
But then again, what's my name again? Dirty C,
Don't ever believe what you can not see, your not me

Chorus: high in hell, high in hell, high in hell

Hangin, blazed with the criminals
They sendin out subliminal messages
Who could think a criminal mind would rip off appendages so quick
I flick my bic and lit a cigarette, whose up to take bong hits
I'm ripped with the grim reaper, shit gets deeper, I'm the heart depleter so fuck the gate keeper
It doesn't mean shit to survive this life I mine, I gotta trip, nasty nate are you down to get lit?

(Yeah man you now I'm always down to smoke)

I took a ride to the dark side to get high,
Allies, fly side by side while we fly by
DOn't cry, I only died but life is good
If you could live this life you know you would, rip the neighborhood
To shreds, with my stray lyrics spread like led, smoke the heds, fuck the feds, my rep spreads like germs in beds
Need to get bread to feed my disease of getting high
Fuck you, I love this life of mine
In time you'll love it to, the L's pass, what you gonna do?
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