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Amber (English Version) Lyrics

DIR EN GREY – Amber (English Version) Lyrics

The wind of Indian Summer pulses,
With the warped sound, my ideals crumble
My future falls apart, I'm done for, I...
I want to be with you longer,
I want to stay with you longer but,
The fragile tears lurking beaneath my smile,
I can hide them no longer
When this amber colored dream of so many years
Comes to it's end, will I awake the real me?
I took all I could, so much it almost killed me
I even reached out, but
I ended up here, now
We're in hell under control of him
The light goes out and the stage goes dark
Informing me it's the end,
Let me hear your voice again,
I want to stay here longer but,
Farewell to the one I loved deeply,
Your name I never even knew.
In the amber colored place we promised to meet,
I feel the wind of Indian Summer
And look back on it all
The tears mix with the blood,
To make a new amber colored dream,
Here in my heart.

Until my voice dies out, my last...
Until my voice dies out, I'll sing.
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