Hey uh (man)?
I'm feeling, head up town
Yeah you saw, uh, (some of the things/something to think) up town
I think i'll, I think I'll hit town
You f---face,
Get out of my town
I don't (really want to know what the f--- you wanted)??
(you've been, you've been a big f---head, you)?
Go on, f--- you, buddy
Hey, is that where to go man
What's going on tonight
You know, I think I'll split
Alright, catch you later
What (do I need to do)??
(to get you out of my town, don't you get it)??
You f---head, you
I want you to
Get out of my face
Go on you f---head, you
You goin up town man
Yeah, I think I'm, I'm gonna head up there
So I'll catch you (later), in about an hour or something
Alright, see you later
You f---head
Get the f--- out of my town
Get out of my town
(I don't want to know what you want)?? ?
(I don't care if you don't like it)?? ?
Pffft, this is totally beat man, gotta get out of here
(heading/going) out of town
There ain't nothin' going on this time
(sigh), guess I'll run, blues.

*Came from andrews page
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The Little Baby Lyrics

Dinosaur Jr. – The Little Baby Lyrics

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