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When You Hot You Hot Lyrics

Dino – When You Hot You Hot Lyrics

[Featuring Dug Infinite No I.D.]


Check it out now. Till 2000. Honda. No.I.D.

Dug Infinite smooth as an instrament.

NO I.D.:

Yo I go my own style yeah yeah now check my method

On my own pal yeah yeah I never left it

Hold my spot down every time I got down

Searching for the answers lost and not found

On how I stay crowned is to live like a king

See I can put you down yo it's really not a thing

Simple ain't it check out how I paint it

Every shade accurately laid

For all the optics that's made to stop tricks

Bangin' on our head and they hit like drop kicks

NO Idenity you don't know me and never seen me

Stayin' in the Windy (why?)

Because it's always in me

Now Honda put it on the tables add plenty

Unique sound a-yo we do freak sounds

And do our own thing (own thing) eternally

A-yo you know how I do


When you're hot you're hot when you're not you're not

I'm Dug Infinite I came to heat up the spot

Yo it's NO I.D. I'm about to go nonstop

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah uh

When you're hot you're hot when you're not you're not

It's NO I.D. the heavy weight is on your block

It's Dug Infinite I'm about to take you to the top

Dug Infinite:

No doubt it'll be the loss of govern proability

That makes it more then likely that we rock your whole facility

We tight shit rip mic shit

It's Infinite never ifin' it we need five times before we rhyme

It's never instant-ly this freestyle ain't free

It's calculated it's organized watch we relate it

To this lost foundation in this hip hop nation

Better tune in before they ruin our situation

For the cash it really don't mean that cash we the flash

Media that's enough MC's that lose they ass

It got me dustin' off my shell toes freezin' on my elbows

Catch a flash back picture me goin' ass back

It's never that scenerio

It reigns like stereo sound that jack of all tray be on my crown

I never ledge in other words I seen the edge

I got advantage over most cats who can't manage


Dug Infinite:

A-yo me and my man we had a plan to make a hundred million

Nobody robbin' or killin' or buyin' weight from Sicilans

We havin' building in every slum plus the ghetto

It's new construction on every field plus the meadow

Nobody stoppin' me cause proceed properly

Completely thorough, I got wide vision never narrow

Makin' mucho deniro like Robert Denero

Playin' Heat we rock a real tight crew that's hard to beat

NO I.D.:

So as the days go by raise your eye

No sleepin' you deep in fantasies

No I.D. travelin' through time and space

I got no time to waste keepin' up the pace

For when the hope seems lost steady savin' papes

So when I gotta pay the cost

Elementary ciphers that's goin' every century

Lockin' up a life similar to penitentiary

Mention me, master MC, NO I.D.

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