Just something inside,
My situation,
This life I have to live,
Fuckin' blastin', the everlastin',
Let nature take it course,
No! I don't expect you to understand,
Scandaless, ignorant man,
Crawling under my skin,
Killing you, can't you feel it?

Minds of confusion...
Lookin' for another way,
Constant confusion...
Find a way out,
Turn the page, my life's a failure,
Close the book, on my instant anger,
Listen up, to this confession,
I need another session,
It doesn't really matter to me!
You know it doesn't matter to me!

What I got right now, (now)
Another confrontation,
Another day in a concrete nation,

Well I'm scheming, and I'm feening,
Damn! it leave me dreaming,

Tear it up! tear it up!
Break you muthafucka!
Gonna beat your ass down!
Tear it up! tear it up!

Minds of confusion!


You got me lying at the bottom,
Of another cold nightmare,
Click, click, bang, bang,
Kill yourself, no pain,
Well it's a vision,
Of a dead conclusion,
Their solution,
Is the penitentiary,

Confusion... confusion... confusion!


It doesn't really matter to me!
You know it doesn't matter to me!

Minds of confusion...
Find a way out!
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Minds Of Confusion Lyrics

Dimestore Hoods – Minds Of Confusion Lyrics

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