You know how to kill someone inside
It came so natural to you,
Or at least is what your eyes have told me,
Your eyes have told me...

Queen of hearts, now come and get your crown
It's the only thing that makes you be somebody
When you know you're nothing

All my prayers so silent to your ears
Every drop of blood to calm
Your thirst of sins and holiness
All this now claims revenge!

Will I be ready when you come back?
What's stronger now,
My love for you or for myself?
Will I really win if I loose you?

It's a battle but no one will win or loose the war
We're like soldiers in this endless war of fools
Now celebrate our dead with a flower and a tear
And start a brand new heartbeat

Every time you look at me I have to fake
That your venom won't hurt if you bite again
Will I really live if I loose you?
Will I really win?

We know how to kill someone inside
We are soldiers after all...
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Soldiers Lyrics

DieVanity – Soldiers Lyrics