How can I just save you
When all my faith is gone?
Wide suffering in you
Craving me, craving life, reeling time...

We're living a dying
Tryin' to remain alive
We live in a lie...

How can I just trust you
When there's no reason why...
My soul burns on you
Deprived of time

We're living a dying
(We're living just a dying)
Tryin' to remain alive
(Tryin' to repair past and present
Cause we're so young and we...)
We live in a lie...

Calling out by blindess and by faith
Just crawling fears in my head
The neverending finished here in pain
Let may it be now, 'cause we're madness in mind
Death in life
Hate in love
Lost in time...
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Living A Dying Lyrics

DieVanity – Living A Dying Lyrics