Oowee, oowee, ya ya ya
Oowee, oowee, ya
Oowee, oowee, ya ya ya
Oowee, oowee, ya

I know a crazy, crazy story
Bout a sly old fox
And when they buried him
He made them use a flip top box

At night when the moon
Was shining bright above
He'd flip the flip top back
And he would call his love


She came running with a shovel
Looking like a ghost
She started digging and a-digging
She dug him the most

She dug like a demon
And before too long
They were hugging and a-kissing
And they sang this song


They started dancing to the jive
Of the tombstone five
A lot of creepy looking creatures
Started to arrive

The man at the entrance
Let some live ones in
They started rocking and a-rolling
And they all joined in


So if you're walking by
The cemetary some dark night
And you hear a lot of wailing
Everything's all right

If bones are rattling
And the whole place rocks
You can blame it on the fox
In the flip top box

[Chorus:] to fade
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Flip Top Box Lyrics

Dicky Doo And The Don'ts – Flip Top Box Lyrics

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