I can't find a dame
They're always the same
I'm going to shame my family name
'cause I'm going homo

I always used to flirt
My feelings got hurt
Now I'm going out with kurt
'cause I'm going homo

I'm going homo what could I do
I wouldn't give me aids if I were you
Going homo is the way to be when you're turning
Going homo today

With my eyes in my pocket
My nose on the ground
People put me down
'cause I'm going homo

I can't relate
I am what I ate
My lifestyle's alternate
'cause I'm going homo

I'm going homo
What could I do
I wanna talk about it on donahue
I'm going all the way to miami
Going homo today

All of the questions I don't want to ask
Why did god make men with nipples - nipples on a man
All of the girls I know they're butterballs
They're all the same from the waist down
When they're wearing their gowns

I'm wise
I'm through with telling lies
Hanging out with guys
I'm going homo

And I'm still here
I'm parking in the rear
All the girls are shedding tears
'cause I'm going homo

I'm going homo
What could I say
We're living in babylon today
I'm going all the way to miami
Goin' homo today
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Going Homo Lyrics

Dickies – Going Homo Lyrics

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