We're here on Skull Island, where a forty foot gorilla has just kidnapped Dwan, a young actress.
Hey Kong, what did you tell her?

Tonight's the night

And what did she say to you?

You've got a cute way of talking

When do you intend to let her go?

After the lovin'

Dwan, if you can hear me up there,
What advice do you have for someone who is kidnapped by a forty foot gorilla?

Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself

Thank you, Dwan... Dwan... Okay!

Kong, you're going to New York to do a concert.
While you're there, where are you going to take a bath?

At the car wash

One last question before you go.
What do you call that weird way you walk?

Dazz, Dazz, Disco-Jazz

We're here in New York where the stadium is filled.
Kong, what do you feel like with all these people around?

Just another new kid in town

Kong is breaking loose.
He doesn't want to do the concert.
Dwan, say something to him!

You don't have to be a star, baby

He's heading for the World Trade Center.
We'll have to get help to stop this monkey.

Hot line, hot line
Calling on the hot line

Kong has reached the trade center.
He's climbing to the top.
Kong, what are you doing up there?

Writing something nasty on the wall

We're here with Kong on top of the World Trade Center.
Army helicopters are shooting at him.
Kong is shouting something up at them.

Hand me down my walking cane
Hand me down my hat

They've hit him!
Kong, have you any last words to say to Dwan?

When will I hold you again

He's starting to fall!
Hey, Kong, you're on my foot!
We're falling!
Kong! Kong! Ko-o-o-o-ong!
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Kong Lyrics

Dickie Goodman – Kong Lyrics