Feel my pain
Locked down, shackled in chains
Guns aimed at your Maggot Brain
Ready for war, Poetry's Erotic
Dice, Psycho Psychotic
Fuck a Bruce Wayne, nigga, I'm the Reel Life Product!

Wake the Dead, my vocal tone's full of power
Creepin' on the East Side in the midnight hour
Pissin' on your Dead Flowerz
Hell if I wasn't
You caught a Slug From A 45 all of a sudden

Using my name in vain
Funny how people change
Let it rain, insane, egos to faze
Mental Stress, fuck a bulletproof vest
I'm the uncontested King of the Midwest

No lies I tell
E's scared of my Mail
So now you dealin' with these Evil Angels Running Through Hell
E. A. Are. T. H., the ressurection of Dice, the rebirth
From the home of the brave, dancing on graves
Plus, I blaze in mysterious ways
Busting A. K. S for 365 days

Unholy, your Mama Was A Junkie,
She owe me 10 G's, snorting up a half a key
Blast for me, you stole from Apartment 3
So feel my Trilogy of Terror,
The Hardcore Era Threat,
A ghetto vet, you say you hiding on my set
But I ain't met a motherfucker that can do that yet!

Kill or be killed, nigga
You ain't real, nigga
Feel my steel, nigga
Kkkill The Fetus

My Understanding Is Zero
Fuck that Unholy Negro!
Dice Pacino, father of Manny and Carlito
Roll with Nino
Stickin' niggas up at the Casino!
Bustin' shots at bitch niggas we know!

I'm Wicket World Wide
A true hog, a Reservoir Dog
Fans be searchin for a nigga deep in the smog
I ain't the Son of Sam
I'm the son of a murderous man
With murderous plans who took all of your fans
Jealousy expands, you stole styles from me and my mans
Without me writing your rhymes, niggas wouldn't give you a chance!

Kkkill the Fetus, pull heaters on Lucifer's leaders
Who don't believe in God or Jesus
Dice, deadlier than 6 hundred and 66 common diseases
Symptoms of Insanity,
When you stare in the mirror, you see reflections of me, the D-I
Stay high, in my neighborhood, up to no good
Fuck natas, 'cause nigga, I'm the Mastamind
I'm in yo hood, motherfucker, I ain't hard to find
I got to treat ya like a prostitue
Keep the loot 'cause I'ma hit you with a fat lawsuit
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Kkkill The Fetus Lyrics

Dice – Kkkill The Fetus Lyrics

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