Inspired Through Creative Alienation

"Humans have no pride, only price"

"There is only one way to save this world.
By reducing it's human population to half"

"There is no middle state.
Just predators and preys.
And we love hunting"

"Evil is a suitable name for society to characterize
The really clever and powerful individuals"

"Do not exterminate the mob yet! Use them first"

"In darkness the fake beauty of colours is banished.
Only plain truth and reality remains"

"War is a natural process. It controls the population.
Can you imagine world with 20 times more humans? I do no dare to!"

"It's time to use our gods names again.
For the glory of Satan!
For the glory of us!
Up yours!!"

"Why do angels look so feminine?
Becose they need a fuck!
Let's give it to them"

"There is no good and evil.
Just stupidity and intelligence"

"If blood is the essence of phisical life,
Then the soul is the essence of immortal life"

"Warning: Enjoing is bad for your health.
Department of Xtian righteousness. Ministry of Virtue."
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Thought Of Radical Misanthropy Lyrics

Diabolos Rising – Thought Of Radical Misanthropy Lyrics