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Satanic Barbarism Lyrics

Diabolic – Satanic Barbarism Lyrics


Saturated with blood
Battlefields multiply -- covering the earth
Urged on from beings below
At one with the purpose -- rebirth through extinction
Singular in need
Steamrolling the majority -- rejoice in perversity
The strike will never cease
Domination, termination, shattered skulls beneath marching feet.
Feeble opposition
Unspeakable mutilation they endure
Their pain only supplements
The collective hate held by this regime
Mentally unfit
To be able to comprehend enlightened thought
Masters will be slaves
As downtrodden souls unify as one.
Both weak and the strong.
We'll form devil throngs
Brought together by the steel
That's ruled all along!
All our lives you've waited for this call
Now scream havoc and unleash your dogs of war!
Storming satanic barbarians
Take all that we deserve!
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