The Best Le Roux Nigga

Ayo man shoutout my nigga Tee'p
Ayo man shoutout to Tshepang i got you niggas

[Verse 1]
Im still waiting
For you pussy-ass-niggas
Outchea who hating
Busy talking about me yall
Couldnt face me
Coz im keeping it real
Yall niggas faking
Im like now hold up bitch
Man this shit aint funny
Man yall boys are degrading
Yall niggas are monkies
M shitin' on you like nappies
Man you niggas dont get it
See im ''Stunner The Best''
Mafucker im bad
Im never gone bitch im back

But i guess rap is a dick
Cause you niggas are ridding it
My line you be bittin em
You wack mafuckers
Bitch im mad to the core
And my bitch looking at me
Like 'This aint Stunner at all'
I got that rap-game hunger
Feed me rappers and more
Bitch im on this freestyle
Give me a ramp and i'll skate
You weak mafuckers
Aint got what it takes
Your bitch like pimples
Tryna be all up in my face
Take a look into the mirror
Your reflection will puke
While your bitch lookin at me
Like man Tshepo you cute
Im the same ass rapper
Who gets her down on her knees
But enough about your bitch
I hear you niggas got
(Im Like Woah)

[Hook Chorus]

Im still waiting
Constantly praying to God
That he forgives me
All my mafucken sins
I commited and all em mafucken niqqas m killing

[Verse 2]

See i aint got no time
For you niggas
But i got time for the liquor
Ayo man Tee'p
Check this faggets are trippin'
While we outchea and stunnin'
All em faggets be frontin'
You niggas hating on me
Its like you digging your grave
And if you wanna test me
Then bitch you gotta be brave
Coz imma get you niggas wet
Like you've been riding a wave

Bitch welcome to world
Niggas hating on me
Man you niggas so pathetic
Like are yall kidding me?

Im like Lesnor in this bitch
Enaolating you fools
I know you gon' be back
Its obvious you gon' lose
I been working on an album
And you niggas been dissin'
I didnt wanna do this shit
But you guys gave me a reason
I got only four (4) moods
And i think they might be seasons

Mafucker im real
I always stick to the deal
See you can talk about this
Or you can talk about that
But if you point out opinions
Then imma only state facts
Like bitch im a beast
Spoilt Kid On A Mission
Niggas wanna be me
Thats just one of they wishes
Prally why they all beefin'
Mafucker i aint tripping
While you niggas are snoozin'
Mafucker im winning

Im like now hol'up bitch
Now they got me going crazy
Bitch im losing myself
Im going crazy
Too much negative energy
From these wanna-bes
Man if this is a war
You already lost it

The Best
Ayo man shoutout my nigga Tee'p

[Tshepo Le Roux]
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Look At Me Hoe Lyrics

Dhat-Stunner Kid – Look At Me Hoe Lyrics