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Travel In Packs Lyrics

Devotchkas – Travel In Packs Lyrics

Here you come looking to fight
Making sure to ruin the night
Thinking everyone's full of fear
When really no one wants you here
Coming to shows in a pack
You have to make sure you have back
I look and see how pathetic you are
The way you live, you won't get far

You travel in packs 'cause' you can't fight alone
You travel in packs-all of each other's clones
You travel in packs-you have small dicks
You travel in packs-you make me sick

Knock him down, kick him in the face
All of you one steady pace
Look at that-you made him bleed
Off of this is how you feed
Call your friends to come around
So you can knock him to the ground
You're all ready to attack
Just as long as he's held back


Look and see the people you harass
Then when confronted, you'll kiss ass
You have a different view every time
And you'll never be a friend of mine
What the fuck are you're politics?
You like keeping them a secret
You say its about American pride
Get off the fence and pick a side


All of you with something to prove
Always ready to make a move
But you know if it's one on one
You would be the first to run
I think its funny when you act tough
You'll all leave when it gets rough
How do you think you're cool
When we all know that your a bunch of fools?

[Chorus:Repeat x2]
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