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Paraphrasing Lyrics

Devon Travis – Paraphrasing Lyrics

[verse 1]
Forgive me please for speaking, I don't mean to disrupt
Your delusional accusation there can be nothing wrong with,
Your way of thinking you are somehow an exception and there won't be repercussions directly 'cause of your actions

Think to yourself do you deserve what you're expecting, why should you have life after living life wrong?
Coldness and hatred underneath tears giving the illusion you have never done anything wrong. There's a...

"There's a problem with the rest of the people"
Is what I hear, now and then.
Of course I'm paraphrasing, but they don't seem to appreciate
That they could be free.
These nonsensical lunatics.

[Verse 2]
After years of thinking "I don't need to change my living"
A presence i'm not sure is positive has brought me back.
Told me i'm not good enough, staring me right through the eyes after,
It shook my hands through older men wearing black.

[Verse 3]
Ever since that one mornin' when I cursed the fallen snow,
I hoped the earth would halt and let me live a normal life.
But I became a stranger pulling closer to the road where the transport trucks were passing, like the moon attracts the tide

[Verse 4]
I died,
It was a fatality
Not recognized to anyone but me,
And even I, myself, lied.
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