Why should I feel like what I say matter,
Who wanna hear about my struggle
What I been through,
Do people still care about the message
You say what we going through don't need to be reflected
Well if ya change ya mind I'll put the truth up in ya ear
Cause I'm speaking for you, me, them and them
Power off if you don't wanna hear the truth
Cause I'm bout to preach a message in the booth

People love to use means to hide from real life
So they don't gotta deal with real life circumstances
Everyone has a form of struggle
And potential to get out of it
If they put they mind to it
But many decide that they circumstances are to much
And sleep on success,
Y'all need to wake up

This for my nigga's and my friends
This for myself and for them bands
I got a story and some plans
Oooo oooo
This for the world and for the fans
This for the ones in distant lands
The ones who have no helping hand.
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M.C.D.M Lyrics

Devon Sanders – M.C.D.M Lyrics