Verse I

The light from the crack in the door,
From the sun pierces my eyes,
As I submit to this feeling of,

The mark from the band on my arm,
As I pull the elastic off,
Both my eyes are opened wide,
Pupils dilate.

And when I see the shadows in my path,
Their hands reaching down to me.
To take me to another world that's far from life,
A step closer to where I'm going to be.


This altered state of mind,
As I'm lying here.
Will someone wake me up from this ongoing nightmare?
Delusion setting in.
Darkness all around.
I need someone to help me now before it's too late.

Verse II

I awake in a place I don't recognize,
Inject some more,
To rid myself of all the pain,
Then I crash again.
I arise from my knees on the ground,
As I grasp my head in my hands,
And reach for my aunt Nora,
But she's all out.

The uncontrolling need comes over me again,
As I search for my next fix.
And all the ones I loved have long abandoned me,
Or died leaving me by myself.
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Altered State Of Mind Lyrics

Devon Rhys – Altered State Of Mind Lyrics

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