I'm the god of nothingness to you
Face scarred by tear marks
Expressionless fears
Hiding in the burrows of pain
Ostrich approach to life
Sad times will come and go
And happiness will pass
Cold solitude inside
A spirit nnumb to senses
Devoid of heart - Devoid of soul
No meaning to now
Had no feeling then
A vision so blank
Dying colours kill
A truth of fear
A truth so clear
The truth so clear
A truth so void
Like a ragged doll being pulled
Between two opposing force
Cannot feel a thing
No guilt no conscience
A superficial Layer so numb
A sense of apathy
All the lights are downed
And the void expands
Slowly consuming
Itself to obscurity
Dulling self realization
Indifference claws it's mark
A phlegm of insanity
You are deviod of emotions
Devoid of emotions
Devoid of emotions
Devoid of emotions
The god of nothingness to you
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Devoid Of Emotion Lyrics

Devoid – Devoid Of Emotion Lyrics