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Castella Freestyle Lyrics

Devlin – Castella Freestyle Lyrics

Oh shit, is it my go?
I'll just let everyone spit when I lie low
Then strike when the time feels right
Self instructed, fuck your advice
I don't want much but a slut for a wife
Money in the bank piled up would be nice
We're all after a luxury life but the ugliest sights are corrupting our minds
Until your brain can't think for itself, it's just driven by the rage inside
Best not slip like a baby on ice
Some man are sharp to react like Arabian knights
I'm at a stage in my life
Where I don't care for the hype
I just wanna better my career
If you've got a vendetta though, I'm here
We can make arrangements right
No snake, I'm a crane in flight
The dangerous heights
Painting a page like Damien Rice
When it's late and I'm high
Tryna bring the painting to life
Like my boy Rawz Artilla, I can do what I want, I can say what I like
I can make dead ravens fly
In the jaded sky when I spray these rhymes
I got pointed a gun at my lyrics
Clicked on the trigger then I waved goodbye
I'll put the bar in the sky
I ain't alive, and dead men don't die
Tell them all that it's Devlinstein
Infecting minds 'til they're F'd like mine
When I'm in effect I'm electric
I'm like Jay Fox, I'm electrolive
But there ain't no Spiderman
They try to defy the plan, I'm insighting this fiery land there's no hiding here
Come and find me right where I stand
No budging, faking, bluffing, all I can do is play with a hand
I was given in a place called Britain, where the sun don't shine when the rain comes down
I ain't no liar
Doggzy and Siah
All the first man in grime are the fire
That make me feel like taking a wire
I'm wrapping it around your neck when I step
Dev's the messiah
Hybrid fire
Cloning my genes with the genie of hire
Understand I'm gonna wreck this set
I bite, I don't bark, get a tetanus check
Whoever you select or dissect in so many sets when I send these threats
I'll treble any bet that you've set
Wait until my lyrics start taking effect
Breaking the spirit of the jaded
Backslash faded, and new-comers with the rep
'Cause I'm watching, so watch it
I'm clocking every goddamn step
Mic check, if you wanna be in set well stiffen up your Exoskeletons
Insects wanna creep and crawl around me 'cause they heard that I'm Devlin
In jest I should slaughter you all and then bury 'em for acting feminine
Contest, and I'm making you subject one in my strange experiment
Malevolent, pain indefinite
Dark development, Drugnam resident
Periodic when I store every element
You'll never know what's in store for your regiment
J don't give an F to the K
I know you see the inside of the presidents
Brains sprayed by the great
Country that we gave birth to that buried them
I've never been credited fully, I know
That's why I've gotta play this bully-ish role
You don't wanna fuck with me, I look nice, but I'm not like the Annabelle doll, you know
Devlin is going on cold, you know
This is the OT show, you know
I ain't never sold my soul, you know
Devlin's ruthless, like a house in a hurricane, quick here I come again
Well equipped for this shit when I run away
When my tongue get burnt like a ginger on a sunny day
Don't care what he'd fucking say
Telling me I'm nothing great, you muppet wait, I'm big like Puffy's mate
I'll put your name in a letter and I'll seal your fate
I maintain no pain, no gain
Youngest veteran inside this game
I've earned my stripes, burnt these mics
I inspired these kids when I came
OT to the days of the movement
Major improvement making a change
My name's not a drug, don't use it
It just might ruin your day (Ruin your day, ruin your day)
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Songwriters: Christopher Hanlon, James John Devlin, Laidi Saliasi
Castella Freestyle lyrics © Royalty Network

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