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To Tha X-Treme Lyrics

Devin The Dude – To Tha X-Treme Lyrics

Man I'm so high, I haven't landed yet
Don't know if I will, ever come down from this buzz that I feel
And I also got some kill yep, as if you didn't know
Nine times outa ten I'm ready, steady stayin' blowed
After unloadin' my shawties comin' back from QT
I fire up a doobie, you do you, I do me
There's people concerned about my health but they won't tell me
I don't even try to play it off, shit I know they smell me
(What is he on?) That's what they say when I leave
(What is he smokin' is you sho' it's just weed?)
I used to stay at the crib, seldom come out
'Cause they think my wealth and my health goes together somehow
I tried this, I tried that, I'm hooked on nuttin' but love
So it's hard to say "fuck what people thinkin' of"
I dip in, I dip out, I go here, I go there
And I'm steady gettin' blowed yeah

Smokin' weed, feelin' fine, steady gettin' blowed
Makin' niggaz understand and I'm lettin' these hoes know (Devin)
Don't keep steppin', steady stayin' on the scene
Doin' what I want to do
But some say that I'm takin' it to the X-treme

I'm higher, than a thumb tac on a flyer
Of Reeba Macintyre in the hood it's all good
It's understood by my niggaz and I figure they know
If they got a sweet and some heat
I got some weed and gon' blow
I toat across the nation, like a ten year vacation
My fuel tank is low but no I can't run outa patience
Gotta keep goin'
Let 'em know that I be steady gettin' blowed yeah


Man I'm so high. Who am I? Oh yeah, Devin
Cloud-10 was aight but I'm damn near at eleven
Feelin' fine, killin' time well, not exactly
I try to stay uplifted so that bullshit can pass me
Some niggaz think I'm soft, so they try to harass me
Some think I'm smart, some think I'm dumb, some think I'm trashy
Ask me who got that good-good shit I probably know
'Cause I'm steady gettin' blowed yeah


And I'm steady gettin' blowed... steady gettin' blowed

Gettin' high off whatever you get high off of
Get high off life
Matter fact, whatever your high may be
Get high to the extreme

And I'm steady gettin' blowed
You know why? ('Cause I'mon get high)

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