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She's Gone Lyrics

Devin The Dude – She's Gone Lyrics

What's wrong man
Come on man hold it together man come on
I don't know why you crying over her anyway
Be strong!

She gave me everything I wanted from the start
Her mind, body and heart
And I just knew the two of us would never ever part
I used to fart under the covers and she'd just laugh
She even cleaned my balls when we would take a bath
She straightened up the bed when I was still in it
Get up and fix some breakfast
The kind of gal that makes you want to leave them other heffers alone
But my bone got a mind of its own
I continued to roam while she waited by the phone
Loneliness got the best of her
She wanted to explore
Her other options that she had, oh no my baby was no whore
Just a woman with needs, a desire to be apreciated
I tried to keep her in the nest, warm and incubated
But my heart was steady gettin colder
Coming home with not enough energy to even hold her
And then it happend
One bright early morn
I turned around to give my baby a hug and she was gone

She was gone, gone
She was gone, gone
She was gone, gone

Callin' house to house
Tryin' to figure out
Where could she be
She don't get up before me
And its damn near three
Its pouring down outside, raining cats and frogs
I know pretty soon, she's coming back to the house
Damn, 3:30, 4 o clock, five
Called her at 6, something must be wrong with the ride
Eyes wide, looking outside every ten minutes
Not realizing the relationship been finished
12 pack, 8 cups of coughee, 2 cups of tea
Hurry up and peepin out the curtain forgetting to pee
Telephone ring (brring) hurry up pick it up
I thought I heard some body say
"boy, I got ya bitch, what's up"
But it wasn't
But I still almost hit the star 69 button
Ready to cuss out whoever answered the phone
But I didn't call back, to face the fact that she was gone

She was gone, gone
She was gone, gone
She was gone, gone

Like a ticket through the comb
Can't imagine another motherfucker makin her moan
Got a call on my cell
It was her, what the hell
Wonderin what kind of story you got to tell
She said, she left a note under the bed
"had to get up early be back to get a loaf of bread"

Shit, loaf of bread, why you ain't been call me
"I had a flat"
You had a flat
"yes, I had a flat"
You didn't have enough minutes on ya phone to call me
"its locked in the car"
Oh...oh well shit, you left it in the car while you was on foot
Alrite fuck it... just come on home, I'm here man
"I'm on my way"

Hey baby its me, I took care of everything
Oh yeh, he fell for that loaf of bread bullshit, didn't he?
As usual
Huha I knew it. Look, forget about that nigga
You need to come over here right now
Okay. I'm on my way

She was gone, gone
She was gone, gone
She was gone, gone
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