One, two
One, two, three, four

I'm watching the laundry dry as the ice cream truck drives by,
And I'm remembering the color of you're eyes
And what it was like when you said goodbye.
The sky is sick with grief and karma shows her teeth,
And the ones who fight keep fighting,
And the ones who bite keep biting.
You ask me to dance, to give it one more chance,
And you forget the steps and spill coffee on my dress.

I walked through union square and you weren't there,
Oh but I saw you're ghost and he held my hand,
Told me he understands how much I miss you,
Want to share this journey with you.
Are your eyes broken as much as mine,
And there can never be a second time.
You left me standing all alone in this
Dark naked city with the heart of stone,
You said "don't feel so scared", feels like I'm going to die.
And you're the one that makes me cry.

It tastes like pain as I watched the rain,
You said you could never see me again
And you couldn't tell me to my eyes,
And I never got to say goodbye.
You said "I'll be fine, I've been through worse,
I've met the devil face to face and nearly died of thrist".
Don't through away your dreams and I'll keep mine,
And when I think of you, you'll make me cry.
You'll always make me cry (2x)
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Union Square Lyrics

Devil Doll – Union Square Lyrics