Born into a class structure, rich man or slave at his feet.
Bystander or maker of crime killing in war or doing time.
The elders who possess the power build areals in defense,
You pay the price for their fears their memories they won't forget.
It's your fate, you don't decide,
It's your fate, struggle just to survive.
The verdict in long before the first breath filled your lungs.
Tomorrow you'll rise look around you wonder why.
All you see in decay fate has not been kind.
Holy war
Suicidal bomber dying for a cause, and the life you're losing it's well worth the price
You're on a mission for your god, and the innocents you take with you are examples of us all.
Holy war holy war you keep killing you don't know who it's for.
I watch you soldier as you stab her and laugh, her mother draws her near.
She takes her last breath.
Then you unfold your leader's picture, show him what you've done.
Then you kiss his photo, praise his holy one.
Holy war holy war you keep killing you don't know what it's for.
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It's Your Fate Lyrics

Detente – It's Your Fate Lyrics