What would be if rules would be wrong?
If the words of your god are just a sad song
Maybe your friends are your worst enemies
Bad expectation spread fear like a deadly disease
What would be if dreams are the grave
Of inhuman ethics? Am I just a slave?
If eyes could talk the blind would be king
Hunger - damnation - war - suffering
[Bridge:] Dungeon dreams
Scary bloody screams
Nocturnal ride
Schizophrenic suicide
[Chorus:] Welcome to this nightmare
Welcome to the house of pain
Welcome to this nightmare
Welcome to the house of pain

What would be if time is too slow
To measure our standards in the death row?
Imagine intelligence would rule on this world
Manipulation would be something we've never heard
[Repeat bridge]
[Repeat chorus]
Meet your destiny in the race of pain nothing will remain
Meet your destiny?????????????????????
Meet your destiny human pigs are the worst animals
Meet your destiny only bad dreams - reality
[Repeat chorus]
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Meet Your Destiny Lyrics

Destruction – Meet Your Destiny Lyrics

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