Be happy and complacent
Conform and consume
Dance as the ship goes down
Your society is doomed
Pay your money
Stand in line
Like a sheep in a sermon
Rapt, yet blind
Right where they want you
You are controlled
Everything's under
Under control
All the latest hits
To keep you in your place
Decadent yuppie larva
Swallow it blindly
A smile on their face
Songs all written
On computers
There's no musicians
Only actors and performers
Circus Maximus
Spins round and round
Mesmerized by the spectacle
As it drags you down
Music is an industry
With packaged products to sell
Rock and disco for the middle class
Rap and metal for teens who think they rebel
Music is a safety valve
A method of social control
An outlet for your energy
Your rebellion is on hold
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Crowd Control Lyrics

Destroy – Crowd Control Lyrics