They fight and it never seems like it ends
"Are you to busy tonight?"
When all of your children cry,
"Oh, God when will it end?"
Will we ever see the day the world stands as one?
Love and peace are hidden somewhere under the sun
We are on our knees and praying to end this war
Time will already murder what they are fighting for
Justify a belief in a God that's left you behind,
But we're still hoping tonight that our prayers and our wishes find a way through their hearts
All of this time, their burning down bridges
And all of this time wars fought from religions
All of this time spent burning the witches,
And all of this time they're fighting for riches
All of this time their breaking the stitches,
And all of this time they're dieing in ditches
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A Novel Of War Lyrics

Destroy The Runner – A Novel Of War Lyrics