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Panda Vs. Koala Lyrics

Destrage – Panda Vs. Koala Lyrics

Koala stays immobile and dazed 19 hours a day
He's addicted to the toxins contained
In the only food he tastes
Panda is a 300 kilos carnivore that can plunder everything
But he goes crazy for bamboo shoots
This low every diet forces him to feed the whole day
And avoid every kind of energy expenditures
Such as socializing and f*cking
The biological keynote
Should be put on the top
Admit we all are animals
Warthog is an African wild member of the pig family
When someone asks just tell him it's a puma
Seems like nature provided pumas excellent running skills
And 9 inches canine teeth but no short term memory
This means that while chased by a predator
The puma would run like a motherf*cker
But he'd stop after 40 meters because he forgets
Why the hell he's running like that
We call it love, we call it art
We call it war, we call it fun
We call it will
It is survival instinct
To be remembered, to be admired
It's basic instinct to remain alive
At the point we deny it
If you start to doubt about your role
Try to bark orders to a dog
Last hope of self esteem
Faithful only to the hand
From which he feeds

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