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My Green Neighbour Lyrics

Destrage – My Green Neighbour Lyrics

A zombie is a back from the dead motherfucker
A soulless crippled and meat-eater folk craving for your fresh brain
Your finger's on the trigger
My friend
Face to face
He mess you bad if you hesitate

Brain everywhere
It's politically correct to shoot a zombie in the face

Make it explode
Relieve your working routine stress to the bloody bone

They used to be human
That's why we like them so much
We can go cannibal with no sense of shame

We are no savage
We no pay
To see gladiators kill

We are more human than that
We are different
We shoot zombies in the face

Zombies are slow, predictable, old-fashioned
We ain't scared or surprised watching them in action
A creative dead end!
Why are they still a trend?

They're your ex-neighbour
They're that fucking pretencious bitch
And your stupid bully boss

They preserve your traits
Semi-human so we can hate them as much as you can

They are all
That we are afraid to be

We are justified
We have permission
We are licensed cannibals

By killing them we declare
We are different
We are better
I fear
I hate
I need
My green neighbor

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