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DestGang Lyrics

DestoDubb – DestGang Lyrics

[Verse 1: Lil Pump]
Lil Pump live in a castle
My bitch pussy lit and it look like a candle, yuh
Gucci loafers, don't do sandals, ooh
Eat a bitch booty like apple, yuh
I Drop a xan in my Snapple
You walk in the mall and you looking for samples, yuh
I fuck that bitch she disabled
This bitch broke she ain't got no cable

[Verse 2: Richysamo]
I miss the at with the tag, ay
I'm budda'ed up in a jet, ay
Lil bitch, you know that I'm next, ay
I just might fuck up a check, ay
Fuck on that bitch and then nut on jeans
Pour me a deuce I'm a fiend for the lean
Posted with Yacht', bitch by any means
Nigga try me and get hit in the spleen

[Verse 3: Desto Dubb]
Numba 2 Animal Fries
I pour the Goose in my Sprite
I pour the 'tuss in my cup
I'm a big dog, you a pup
I'm dropping fact with the love
She got your name covered up
She gave me head now she's cleaning it up
Desto so dope I'm about to blow up
Lil Pump rich
He finna get richer
I'm on insta, tagging a picture

[Verse 4: Lil Pump]
I fuck your mom, then I fuck your sister
I fuck your momma, I found her on Twitter
I fuck your momma, I found her on Twitter
I fuck your momma on Backpage
She don't even know my damn age
Lil Pump ain't got no knowledge, ooh
Bitch, I ain't never go to college, ooh

[Verse 5: Richysamo]
Bitch I fuck just like El Chapo, uh
Bitches call me Richie Palo, ay
She suck that dick and she swallow, uh
Try me you gon' catch a hollow, uh
That bitch a Instagram model
She fuck for a follow
I cash on the lotto, uh
Crack the seal, baby bottle, uh
Smokin' on gas and gelato

[Verse 6: Desto Dubb]
I got more lines than T-mobile
Nigga, you local I'm global
I got more bars than Sprint
Nine-sixty I spent
I bring the lean in my mobile
Yeah, I'm a East Mogul
Used to be broke now I'm social
Getting the lean through the postal
Money, a broker
Pots by the case-load
Money all paper
Only buy seals now
Lean is cash cow
Only fuck jits now
Kush going pow-wow
Never know bow-wow

[Verse 7: Lil Pump]
I might just bust on her face, ooh
I think I just caught a case, ooh
I got Louis on my waist, ooh
Bitch I always keep it based, yeah
I pour the lean in my Fanta, huh
I might pull up in a phantom, ooh
I take your daddy for ransom, huh
I take your grandma for ransom, ooh
I ain't got no education, huh
And my auntie on probation, huh
Mask on my dick like I'm Jason, ooh
My bitch act like she Freemason, yuh
Sippin the lean like a patient, ooh
Lil Pump only fuck Asians
Lil Pump

[Verse 8: Richysamo]
Three hoes with me, no Santa
Sippin on a dirty-ass Fanta
Came in the club with the hammer
Sip with the junkies and trappers
Fuck all these niggas they actors
You a broke boy, no fashion
Fuck on that bitch then I pass her
Choppa goin priest like a pastor (gang, gang, gang)

[Verse 9: Desto Dubb]
Sippin on mud and I don't even cough
Wack head, got my dick soft (yup)
I'm in the field, this the playoffs (skkkkrt)
Buzzin so hard that I'm bout to take off (yeah)
I'm in the game and it ain't no days off
Niggas hatin, call me Young Dolph
Livin pepper got me feel like Rick Ross (eat it up)
Her pussy so wet that I'm bout to blast off
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