"My Song"

[Beyonce:] say lil mama
[Kelly:] wud up whoadi
[Beyonce:] say say lil mama
[Michelle:] hey girl
[Beyonce:] it's friday
[Michelle:] i know
[Beyonce:] you aint got no job, you ain't got nothin to do so we goin out

That's my song dj turn that heat up louder you heard me
That's my song dj a little more on the volume ya heard me
That's my song dj you know ya goin hard so don't hurt me
That's my song dj here come my favorite part so let's party

[verse 1:]
I see some hotties standin out side in the line waitin patiently
To get they gangata on.
I see some mommas rockin proda take it from me christian dior and wee fatone
Ooh ooh wee we be rockin fo' deep in the caddy tonight ooh ooh wee we be
Searchin for our sexy daddies alright ooh ooh wee
We be hittin the club downtown we heard it's bumpin ooh ooh wee we see it's
Whack so we rollin down the street and we bumpin


[verse 2:]
I see my partna's to the left to me beggin desperately
To hook her up with the brotha on my right im feelin funny 'cause
I kinda wish that money to my right was feelin me but child
It's alright ooh ooh wee we see fellas jockin, divas cock blockin. ooh ooh wee we see drinks bein bought fa' sho
It's gettin hot ooh ooh wee we see folks fired up get it crunked get it
Crunked ooh ooh wee we see the party erupts as he turned the track up


Ooh ooh wee we see band aid feet pinky rings
And fake rollies ooh ooh wee we see too many prints bandits and ashy knees ooh
Ooh wee we see beautiful people havin a good time
Ooh ooh wee we see it's 4 o' clock we back next week the same time

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My Song Lyrics

Destinys Child – My Song Lyrics