Morning comes with quite a sound
As the city's sleeping the record plays so loud
A distant voice rings in my ear
About a place that's far from here
With every single step everytime I know where I'm going to
And every single mile will bring me closer to you

Don't tell me it's over
Let me come back California Summer
Where the nights are long 'till the morning comes with devastating heat
Let's take back California Summer
If you wanna come with me

When morning comes I will be there
As the city's waking I will breathe the air
A distant voice is fading out
Be careful what you wish for now
Maybe all along the only reason was you

Don't tell me it's over
Let me come back California Summer
With the storylines and stereotypes from random movies
Let's take back California summer
If you wanna come with me

And again I dive right in
I'm closing in
I'm done waiting
We don't need a heavy heart tonight
Trying to resist with all our might
We don't need to finally get it right
It's overdue
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California Summer Lyrics

Destine – California Summer Lyrics

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