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The Beginning Lyrics

Desolated – The Beginning Lyrics

I am a victim swallowed by the world
It's over
I've walked the road to the bitter end
It's a road I'll never walk again
It's over
This moment I realize it's time to leave the fucking past behind

I took a walk to a bridge just to watch the trains go past
Take the step off the ledge
This thought that's running through my head
Go away my master
I let it in one way out
These walls are closing faster
Get out of this place

A victim I wasn't supposed to be
But this time it get the best of me

I let the devil in, now there's no way out
I live with this disease
I'm done I'm counting down the fucking days
Filled with anxiety to the worst degree
I can't escape this place
The end
There's nothing left for me

It's over
It's time to start again
This is the end [2x]

I am a victim swallowed by the world
It's time to start again

You're not a victim, you're a worthless fucking piece of shit
You're just a coward, obey your master
Get on your knees, eyes peeled, dreaming at the end
Knife to your wrist, drowning red, begging for the end
You're not a victim, you're a fucking waste of life
You think like this and now you're fucking pay for it
Bow to me, I'm in control
You let me in, this is mind control

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