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Olanzapine Lyrics

Desolated – Olanzapine Lyrics

Let myself down one too many times
Feel victim to my fucking mind
So close to living a life without this devil walking to my side
I've tried to leave it behind
How can I face this on my own ?
It's time to step away
19 years lost count of days
I've wasted so much time

Counting the days, wasting away
Can't wait to get the fuck out of this place
It's been so long, where do I turn ?
The choice is slim, I refuse to fucking drown
Set myself free
Gotta break these chains, it's time to leave
Too much of this living hell
Can I make a change, only time will tell
I dream of serenity, a peaceful place is where I need to be
Instead I'm left in the dark
All alone one place to turn

Olanzapine when will you save me ?

You're out of choice, no where left to turn
You'll never understand, you'll never learn
Deal with the Reaper
Before he drags you out deeper

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