Yeah, Yeah were I awaiting for s*** young lady in Da Back of the club, were she is the one I been lookin for with a nasty look like Ms. Trina from Ya' mix tape Panty Droppers Vol. 6, and am like the way she do it to me in Da back up in private room just need us to get so Freaky but I never saw you in two-piece before She told me to take it off were she approach me then grinding on me with hot Atlanta Booty on the floor where she start to kissing on me from top to down, were she in her right mind then am seen her that she known I was feelings for her Yo' girlfriends seen me in up the clubs were I arrive to front entrance told dj Mac G turn it up out blue, were All s*** Mamas came out to the floor turn to Magical night.

In my mind am seeking out all s*** ladies in the world and to hang out and have good time oh girl need me, were am having deep feelings for you girl then she been texting to my phone turn out to be s** messages and her hot friends call up on me around over in my hometown that's is Alabama am cruise in 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo with Candy Red and Stripes downside, then she walk over to me but she so sad about her job and am had offer for her she told that she want be my boss lady so badly.

Then am the one lookin around for sum Chocolate nasty Girls from South and Yo Girls been lookin at me like they want me so Badly, were I doing you turn out like out of control Freak in single bed were she got her body against the love with me and am the only one that do so nasty with you Baby and then you are moanin on thru the house next pool why you got me groan feels so good to be man, were am want be with you forever and Yo' girls seen me at Las Vegas next to Red Dragon Casino Spend up Millions of Dollars with My Homegirl Ms. Trina then am cruise in 2011 Dodge Durango with Candy Blue paint job sittin on Ashanti 20'' rims.

Were am thinking bout you girl last night at the Club and I never saw in your eyes was on fire also your body was she felt as if her whole body were on fire, then let me to cool you down every time am touch you in right spot and you girl tell me to take you upstairs try sum Sexual love between the Sheets next she lay on top of me, and she start to pouring melt chocolate on my chest then I told her to lick it off were she move up to my lips and both of us was making love all night long.

When she waiting for me down stairs in the Kitchen next pool house then she had on her a two-piece swimsuit, were am thinking to myself that I have land in Heaven and am seeing so Beautiful site where she came to playin with me then she want to pleasure me in bedroom were am think like it so much she wants something else from me, when she tell me she wants to lick my lollipop right now after then she wants me to lick on her breast with melt white chocolate and when I give up my number to her after that am off cruise in 2010 Lexus sittin Maximum 18'' chrome rims, and am always thinking about baby the all time then am away next year to come.

Where she was missing me every night from our last encounter the another night, then am missing her as well so I running back to her that she look out the window saw me lookin up at her beautiful smile, then I've got that sexual feeling with you girl were am had crush on you baby please tell me what's your fantasy like bout in her mind wants me so the sexual behavior of people who love each other and an attractive young lady were she kisses taste like cherries from lipstick that you on last night, were am thinking to imagine having s** with you girl and make you mine I can do sum freaking things to you baby every night.
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In Da Back Of The Club Lyrics

Deshawn Aaron – In Da Back Of The Club Lyrics

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