Placenta drawn from within, vaginal lips splayed, foetus
Thrown into bin, the s*** begins to get laid.
Thick fetid discharge splashing over my thighs, her c***
A blood spilling hole, as I take her from behind.
Human gore, toro flayed, breasts removed as she got laid.
Foetal parturition by use of vectis, followed by
Disposal, upon the lifeless child I piss. Dilation and
Curettage, shredding her empty womb. Scraping out
Uterovesical flesh, clotts emitting steam I consume. I
Take a scalpel to her breasts and with a single slice
Cuts her tits from her chest, my sordid fucking vice.
Baby aborted, I rape the hysterical mother. Flaxen hair
Clenched in my fist as her anus is brutally buggered.
Tenotomy knife inserted through her eyelid, piercing the
Glistering pupil. Dripping blood liquid, I finger the
Socket to ensure that I get my fill. Skin peeled back
Ribcage exposed, my penis in her warm innards shafting
The steaming blood. Within in the organs, I suck, fist
And piss, performing necrocunnilingus. My wife and child
I shall not miss.
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Human Gore Lyrics

Desecration – Human Gore Lyrics