Ay Ay Showdy I aint tryin hard to give up...
It's yo boy Derzhi.

It's 12 o'clock midnight, drivin back to bottles.
I got me a chica, aint got no need for models.
Life's a ragin river, need a boat and a paddle.
Ma pocket so empty buh in ma fantasies got a condo.
I'm so fly that even ma sperms got swag, that's why it takes em over 2hours just to come out.
Ma ex will verify cos every night she burst out.
Unno cos when I start, I never power out.
Ma life is in 3D, I try hard never to miss a scene.
And y'all livin in hd, I be watchin on a big screen.
Used to ba a badboy buh I wiped ma sheet clean.
And now I bad-gan, and prolly it's all bou tha greens.
I aint near complete, buh see how she screams.
She used to be ma nurse, I call'her Doreen.
So black to tha bone so I never cry or bleed.
Yeah that's tha faith, nigga gotta believe.

Showdy I know yo been tryin hard to keep up.
And I aint tryin hard to give up too.
No matter how hard they keep us apart,
They never break ma swag.

They never break ma swag... Swagg
They never break ma swag... Swagg

And I aint got time cos I could hear time tic.
Cos life's too short unno like Young Gudda's dick.
So innocent really homie I never seen a tit.
Ma other ex, used to call'her mj Googoo.
I respect tha fact that homie we never tried to do tha doodoo.
I'm addicted to here, I think she did me a voodoo.
She's a perfect Serb.
With em perfect curves.
And her perviness tells, lost in her crazy cells.
I'm a phoenix ma*ah*ah*er, I rise from ma ashes.
And when I die I'm gonna be reborn witha Midas touch.
1100 to 400GMT, Accra is still alive.
Nightlife hittin tha clubs, tha cops still takin bribes.
Been through tha hard times, buh I'm meant to survive.
Lets take it to tha trap one time, I'm a black star for life.
Ma flow will cut yo inna hundred places, I don't need a knife.
So if y'all feelin me gh lets keep tha vybe.

Hook 2x
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Break Ma Swag Lyrics

Derzhi – Break Ma Swag Lyrics

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