I'm feelin like an alien, martian, E. T
Couldn't even reach me Soul floatin
High as fuck you need a Ouija just to
Reach me Somewhere where the stars be,
Hollywood? No I'm sayin wherever the
Planet Mars be to show 'em where the bars
Be On me you gon see the fast life warp
Speedin Bad b*** on my Prometheus even
Sigourney weavin I mean it Whenever
Speakin I spit comets on nonsense honestly
I'm being honest when I say you aint got
Nothin on this, feel me? I keep it realty
Bringin it to your housesopen doors for
My people that's why I still go out and
Record for my people This is that close
Encounters the new sequel So when I'm
Finished takin the planet by force, they
Gon' say D's the new Deebo Better call
Up your hero Or the only thing to the
Rescue is me to the mainstream while
You're still floatin in a cesspool Exit
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Foreign Lyrics

Derrick Mitchell – Foreign Lyrics

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