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I Get It Lyrics

Derrick Lovell – I Get It Lyrics

Hold up
Let me kick this vision
I see diamonds I see on my linens
All my watchers see these watches on my wristses ay
Hater blockers cause these jockers gettin vicious ay
See me walking with a pocket full of money
Anybody acting funny
It's gone be they last wishes ay
On my way to put this pocket full of money
On the block to keep it coming
Cause I'm all about my business ay
See me dripping in the middle of the heat
Hanging out the Lamborghini
Messing up the leather seats ay
I got vision I got vision all around me
Anybody talking bout me
Tell them see me on the beat ay
Bird Box em they can't see me on the beat ay
Thirst blocking girl you need to get a drink ay
You ain't even gotta tell me what you think
If you see it in the vision
Then you know we bout get it hold up,

I get it
I get it
I get it
I get it

And I'm fresher
Fresher than a deacon
Up in service on a Sunday
Spitting verses like he preaching ay
It's a season money coming for no reason ay
I can see it I just say what I believe in ay
Suit and tie
You already know this
I can't dress for where I'm at
So I suit up for where I'm going ay
Presidential wit it looking like he POTUS ay
I got vision keep the focus where I'm going ay
I don't even need bifocals on him I can see it
That money is coming
Like 50's and 100's
Like track meets I run it
No I believe it
Don't be a groupie just keep it moving
I see it I say it I keep pursuing
I get it I get it
You talk it don't live it forget it
I'm winning no time for losing
Don't say the verses are convoluted it's simple
I whip out the pencil I write down the budget
I say that it's coming
I say a few verses to say how it's coming
You know that I done it
They listen to me on the track and they love it
Whip out the pen on the check and they cut it
Add a few zeros to that cause my vision just
Tripled in size it's abundant ooo
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