I admire these men
Brave and beautiful
Grabbing the blade from all the wrong sides
Like children

They bring skins and smoke
We bring shackles and guns
We'll trade with them and then we'll take them home

It's simple
It's so simple
They're not like us

Becoming a slave is easier than you think

There's always a price to pay
It's gotta hit somebody's back
Trust me, new worlds don't just build themselves

Progress has more than one face
Evil isn't always itself
There's nothing you can change without changing
Everything else

It's simple
It's so simple
If they're not like us


Talk from every head
A product in every word
It's under out feet and you know it's over our heads
And everyone's telling the truth
In languages that nobody speaks
Till you listen close and hear what you believe

Tell me what you want
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Becoming A Slave Lyrics

Derek Webb – Becoming A Slave Lyrics