I took a train to San Francisco, wherever you are.
I found you outside of St. Francis, Boulevard
And you're stunning, in my eyes.

You got your hair pulled back and a book in your hand,
I haven't seen you so long, now where to begin.
And I'm trapped, in a daze, in your eyes.

Firefly burns his way to a rainbow, for that second try.
Giving me looks, and now I'm able to still get butterflies.

Took the flight to Cincinatti, to see you again,
But this time I surprise you, the new year begin.
And It's you, looking into my eyes.

You took a drive to the city, and had a good time.
This world was our heaven, and we were alive.
For once, together, in our eyes.

And it's time to go again.

I took a train back home, and hopped into bed.
I opened my eyes, and there, there you were.
Just as beautiful as I remembered.

I opened my arms, and then pulled you in.
I promise, I swear, I will lose you again.

Just don't, please don't, close you eyes.
Just don't, please don't, close you eyes.
Just don't, close your eyes.
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Where To Begin Lyrics

Derek Daisey – Where To Begin Lyrics

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