Into the darkness of the night
I'm condemned to win
My soul has gone after the fight
For the will of king
But now I want to stop this life
Where I have to kill
Will I ever find the peace?

I know they are behind me
'Cause I feel the hate
And now I'm starting to believe
In the end of pain
The warriors ride away from me
Searching to be safe
I am here, where is my fate?

All the kingdom lands
Now are coming to the end
While the people try to understand

Every day I live
Waiting to be finally free
(Now) I can believe
In what I see
The apocalypse is here!

The rain is falling down on me
By the rage of gods
And all is burning through the wind
Is the end of world!
High waves are running from the sea
There is no return
I will fly into the storm

Anywhere I feel all the pain around me welcome to the end of everything!
Every day I live waiting to be finally free
(Now) I can believe in what I see
The apocalypse is here!

The end is coming - No, no, we are going to die!
Derdian will crash to the ground - Don't let us fall in the sea
And flames will burn all around - No one can save us from the storm
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The Apocalypse Lyrics

Derdian – The Apocalypse Lyrics