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Doing Me Lyrics

Denzel King – Doing Me Lyrics

No time for friends nor my foes just my dreams and my goals doing me, doing me, doing me, doing me, you never alone king and queen on the throne you and me, you and me, you and me, you and me like an addict gotta get it alwayz gone never home doing me, doing me, doing me, doing me, doing me... man I'm just doing me I'm focused on my ish the top is where I'm gon be man I'm just doing me... I'm just doing me... I'm just doing me
I need presidents to represent me jacob zumas' nelson mandela rands a million madibas in my hands trip to cannes france saint tropez travel cuba puffin cohibas with my mans my plan's to fuck the game I fuckin came up from the bottom to put my name up and put my fame up now they won't let me in so I'l just kick in the door just a black entrepreneur with a hunger for more this success is like the candy I'm the kid in the store chasing stacks on all fours I'm headed for the forbes list porsches on porches hundred horses ducatis on the fortress predict my future like prophets I'l profit from profits
[Verse 2]
I'm a G as far as letters go if you hating then let us know I'm tryna up my status quo see further then a telescope but I don't see you haters like I'm vision impaired chasing this paper and I been prepared a king I will be declared feared by rappers the number 1 spot is mine for the taking can't deny that I'm a star in the making I'm your worst nightmare it's my first night here been writing lyrics when you was watching buzz lightyear this is buzz right here no cars my dear but I'm driven chaueffered by ambition, ideas overcoming my fears my sweat my tears man I'm better then my peers yeah... now tell me what u gon do I'm doing me so focus on you
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