Ice flowing through my veins
Dirty concius on my mental
Weighing on my brain
It’s a shame
How fast niggas change on you
They murder kids in the street
So keep that range on you huh
Yeah so I keep my range
Never been a weak nigga
Put that on my name
So I pray to the lord every night and day
Looking back at it
I hope that it wont be the same
How can I not be a rebel my nigga
Me and you are on different level my nigga
Fuck illumanati lies to the devil my nigga
How tf I got this ice in my bezel my nigga.
I can only tell the truth
And they know this shiwt
By the flow that I produce
Reproduce on yo hoe
Now I think she got a clue
Now she in love with the dude
Sike I can't make her my wife
I'm 17 still ballin in these nikes
Some homies got left while I was getting right
Now it's time to eat and these niggas wanna a bite
Young nigga brand new day
All a nigga wanted was some brand new js
Tryna get money it’s a brand new phase
Get it by any means was how I was raised
Niggas wanna hate niggas wanna plot
Niggas getting mad cause I'm flexing on these thots
I'm trapped up in this cage cause I'm trapped up in my thoughts
Ig this lifestyle wasn’t all a nigga thought
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Zone 3 Lyrics

Denzel Curry – Zone 3 Lyrics