Please release me,
From the prison,
That I call my mind,
Can you tell me,
Where did I go wrong?
When did I get lost?
You said that you weren't going away,
I wish I'd made you stay,
Some say love is blind but in time,
Will our true colours shine?

Do I miss you or miss being in love?
Love, love, love.

I was blinded,
By the feelings,
You never said goodbye (never said goodbye),
You left no reason,
No way of knowing why,
Was it all my fault? (was it all my fault),
A painted portrait of your face still remains,
But that's stored in some dream (dream),
Nothing's left but to confess to all my innocence.

I don't hate you I hate being alone,
Alone, alone, alone.

But I can't do that now.

Will you wait for me?
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Someday? Lyrics

Denver McCord – Someday? Lyrics