Hello how are you
Yeah I know it's been too long
Let me start by saying
Sorry I know I was wrong

God knows I know that I've missed you
I've rode this train of thought for days
Prayed for forgiveness
Searched for the right words to say

And I've gone through the motion
Swimming in ocean
Guilt so deep it's broken me
But you know
The only thing i'll never do
Is let you go

Here's my shot at redemption
My hope for a second chance
You know if I could
Than baby I would take you back

They say it was over
Tell me that it can't be true
The words might kill me
I only wanna hear them from you


Chorus (x2)

And I've gone through the motions
Swimming in ocean
So deep it's broken me
But I'll never replace my love
Never replace my love
No matter what I'm never gonna let you go
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Let You Go Lyrics

Denver Harbor – Let You Go Lyrics